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Apr 29, 2010 | 1 comment

Ruth Davis who married my Great Uncle Cecil in 1910

     I love looking at the old family photo albums.  I like to see what my relatives looked like when they were young and which of my ancestors – those for whom we have likenesses – I most resemble.  It’s interesting to see where my big sticky-out ears came from (my great-grandmother, Julia) and which side of the family grew a bit portly with age.  But mostly, I like to look at the clothes they wore.  I admire that sense of style they seemed to exude.
     Sometimes I wonder if ensuing generations will look back at the albums we leave with quite the same interest.  In our desire for comfort and practicality, we’ve definitely sacrificed high fashion.  Elegance and chic are hard to emulate in blue jeans and sweats.  There does seem to be a glimmer of hope, though.  Photos from last week’s high school prom reveal a sudden transformation in those scruffy-looking teenagers of our everyday community life.  The elegantly clad young men and women of prom night are definitely prime candidates for family albums of the future!

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  1. Jeff

    Ruth was quite a dish!


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