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Mar 13, 2021 | 0 comments

Cinderella at Homebase

Last night we hosted our first Friday Night Gathering in more than a year — a rather truncated version, to be sure, but absolutely fabulous in all respects.  Only four of our two-dozen (or so) regulars met the “fully” part of the CDC vaccination guidelines for small groups being able to get together inside and unmasked.  Six counting us.

As it turned out, two of our guests didn’t show up and then, an hour in, called to apologize for forgetting.  Wow!  Nearly normal for sure!  “Come on over!” we said.  “No problem!”

Meanwhile, the first four of us began catching up with the guzz’n’gossip when, suddenly, we were interrupted by the arrival of Cinderella.   Perhaps you read a few weeks ago that she has had a stroke (or the robot equivalent thereof) and she and her Fairy Godmother/Mothership can no longer communicate with one another.  This means that she (usually) doesn’t follow commands from our cell phone, nor does she know exactly where she is if we pick her up and carry her somewhere in an attempt to override the Fairy Godmother’s silence.  But the good news is that she is still under warranty and will be replaced.  Soon.  Roombas are apparently back-ordered right now — two to four weeks.

Meanwhile we have discovered that I can carry her to a room, push her start button and she will proceed to vacuum that room, the next room, and sometimes the next… until she runs out of battery.  Then she stops where she is and waits to be placed back on her docking pad where she recharges.  Sometimes, after she’s fully charged again, she stays put until I get her for the next job.  Sometimes — like last night — she seems to be on automatic pilot and she returns to where she thinks she left off.

Cinderella at Work

Last night we were about a half-a-drink into the evening and here she came!  Our guests were enchanted (so to speak)!  “I want one!” said the distaff side.  “Our kitties would love it!” said her husband.  “They could ride around on her  — their own personal KittyCar!”

Cinderella “worked the room” for thirty or forty minutes much to the amusement of our guests.  By then, the library and living room areas were spotless and Nyel was able to send her “home” via his cell phone.  We aren’t sure why we can communicate with her sometimes but not consistently.  What we are sure of is that she is the best show in town — but only when she decides to be.


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