Easter’s almost here… Are you ready?

Apr 11, 2020 | 0 comments

I guess I could have dyed eggs — a few, anyway.  The girls, though, are still being a little selfish about laying.  We get one or two eggs a day from the three of them — I don’t know who’s the recalcitrant one.  Anyway, Nyel says we have some food coloring. Somewhere.  And so I guess it might have been possible.  But… never mind.

Cousin Cheryl sent me some photos of her “Sheltering-in-Place” projects.  She’s been painting rocks and hiding them (in plain sight?) in the park where she and Virg go bike-riding or walking.  It’s a huge expanse of trees and trails — no danger of  seeing anyone, much less getting too close to anyone.  I hope her rocks find happy homes.

They are the perfect answer to a Sheltered Easter.  They invite all the fun of an Easter Egg Hunt but without any unwanted side effects should they not be found in a timely manner.  And, even if I had rooted around and found that food coloring, my results could never have matched Cheryl’s!  I just love having talented relatives!  Thanks for a lovely Virtual Pseudo Easter Egg Hunt, Cheryl!!  It will be another Easter to remember!


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