Easter in Oysterville

Apr 25, 2011 | 4 comments

Easter in Oysterville, c. 1939

     My first Easter in Oysterville was 1939 and I had just turned three.  Or was it 1940 and I had just turned four?   I remember absolutely nothing about it and only know that it happened because there’s a picture in our old photo album, unfortunately not dated.
     A few pages back there is one taken the Easter before that when we still lived in Wellesley, Massachusetts.  In that picture, I am clutching a stuffed bunny rabbit and, though I remember nothing of that occasion either, I do remember the bunny.  He was white with a blue velveteen jacket, a la Beatrix Potter’s Peter Rabbit.  I wonder whatever became of him.
     In both photographs I’m clutching my mother’s hand – or perhaps in the later one, she is clutching mine.  I definitely look like taking photographs is not my idea of a good time.  In both photos my mother and I are dressed in our Easter finery, complete with hats and purses.             
      That’s what we did every single Easter until I was grown and gone.  In fact, that’s one way I can tell from the photos that it was Easter!  Though hats were my mother’s ‘thing,’ they were never mine and Easter was the one time I donned one to please her.
     So, yesterday, as I put on my ‘Easter bonnet,’ it was definitely in honor of my mom, the Queen of Hats.  We were headed across the river for dinner with friends, taking an Easter basket filled with Oysterville’s finest farm fresh eggs.  I wonder what my folks and I did on those long-ago Easter Sundays.  Was there a service in the church across the street?  Did we go to the Moby Dick Hotel for dinner?  Or did we get all dressed up just because?


  1. Nancy

    Sweet memories….has Nyel considered beekeeping? Loved the photo of you and Dale in your Easter bonnets. I think the answer to your final question is, “Yes, just because!”

  2. Pam

    Love your Mom’s outfit! I am curious, Sydney, do you have siblings? I am reading MEDORA having purchased it last month while on the Peninsula and thoroughly enjoying it.

    • sydney

      No, no siblings.

  3. Stephanie Frieze

    A wonderful picture. I got a new Easter dress and shoes each year and hence I buy them for my granddaughters and a suit for my grandson. They’ve enough extended family that they have plenty of occasions to wear their finery, but the girls aren’t much for hats. That’s sad, but back in the ’50s ladies didn’t go to the Espicopalian church without a hat and I had lots until the ’70s. Now I’m back into them.


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