Drama In the Neighborhood

May 19, 2020 | 1 comment

Mr? Standing Bear

There has been a lot of bear activity at our end of town this spring — most of it, as far as I know, at Tucker and Carol’s.  This morning I awoke to this email message with accompanying photos from Tucker:

We had a bear visit us this afternoon. He was trying to get into our bird feeder. It was amazing to see him up on his back feet. Carol and I chased him away. We had a big stick, but as soon as we opened the door, he took off. We’re glad that he seems to be afraid of us. He didn’t come back… yet.

Mr? Standing Bear, Sitting

YIKES!  That’s one big bear!  My thoughts flew to Slutvana-the-Wanderer who didn’t come home last night.  I’m pretty sure a recalcitrant chicken might be as tempting to a foraging bear as the morsels in a bird-feeder.

Just then, Nyel called to me that Slutvana was out in the croquet garden, not playing croquet but apparently happy to be foraging for whatever temptations were manifesting themselves in the lawn.

Slutvana Through The Window

I couldn’t help but wonder if she had met up with Mr? Standing Bear and  family while she was out and about.  A few minutes later I took her some scratch and asked her if she’d spent a pleasant night.  She did grace me with a fowlish sort of look but was not inclined to share about any close encounters or new acquaintances.

Still, you never can tell with chickens!  I was glad she was home.

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  1. Sturges

    We have a bear as well. He attacks our bird feeders so we bring them in at might. Our bear is named Bill Barr. Strong family connection.


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