Discomblogulated in Seattle!

Jan 29, 2012 | 2 comments

Two Feet, No Hands

     Today is Blog Entry Day 670 but, unlike my habitual get-it-posted-by-7:00-a.m. – 7:30-at-the-latest – I am about ten hours late.  Technical Difficulties.
     Today’s discom-blog-ulation began several months ago, aptly enough, with a message from my Cousin Abby saying, “Sydney, you are SO busted!  I read your blog every day and I see that you were in Seattle AGAIN and you didn’t call us…”  Guilty as charged!
     Abby is one of my Oysterville Red House Cousins.  She and her husband and their two pre-schoolers live in Seattle as do her two sisters with their families and now the girls’ parents, as well.  First to move there were Abby and Dan and everyone else has followed.  I think of them as the Pied Pipers of the Emerald City.
     We love it when any or all of them come visiting us, but we honestly never think of going to see them at their end.  They all work and have crazed schedules complicated by weekends full of skiing and running marathons and other activities that wear us out to think about.
     But we felt chagrinned and made arrangements…  Last evening we went for dinner.  Fabulous!  We loved their house, were entertained by the children, caught up with the family gossip, and ate and drank more than our share.  Our friend Linda was with us and, as she said afterwards, “Sydney, you have the best cousins!”  Yep!
     So, this morning I was prepared to blog all about the good time we had and then found that Linda’s internet connection is temporarily screwy.  We considered taking the laptop to Starbucks but it just seemed wrong wrong wrong to leave Linda’s snug condo and brave the pelting rain.  Better to wait for our trusty Oysterville connection…
     And besides, this morning I wouldn’t have been able to add that we stopped at South Center on the way home and I bought a spring hat and a new pair of shoes!  Thanks, Abby!  It never would have happened without you!


  1. abby

    We had a great time, Sydney. Thanks again for coming over. Silas took one look at his photo and said, “wow, aren’t I the coolest green mushroom?” And I agreed! Recipe to follow…

  2. Stephanie Frieze

    Glad you had fun, Sydney, and I’m looking forward to seeing your hat!


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