Decoration Day

May 29, 2010 | 1 comment

Memorial Day, Oysterville Cemetery

     In Oysterville we take Memorial Day weekend seriously.  It’s the one weekend of the year that most of the residents try to be ‘in town’ and so it’s the weekend that we hold our Annual Meetings,  have a town picnic, and take flowers up to our family plots at the cemetery.  Most of us still call the holiday “Decoration Day” as our parents and grandparents called it, even though the name was changed way back in 1882.
     Early in the morning on the official Memorial Day – the last Monday of May – members of the Veterans of Foreign Wars gather at our little cemetery, play taps, and lower the flag to half staff in honor of those who died in the service of our country.   There are seldom more than two or three Oysterville folks present for the ceremony, but this year will probably be different.
     Our newest residents, Hal and Diane Buttrell, are hosting a celebration at their home immediately following the ceremony at the cemetery.  Famous poems will be read; historic speeches delivered; patriotic songs sung.  Diane promises coffee cake and beverages and a tour of the house which is in the process of being renovated.  The town is abuzz.
     Meanwhile, most of us are wondering where we will find flowers for the ‘decoration’ part of the day.  The rhododendrons that we usually count on are already long past this year.  The lilacs are all but gone.  The honeysuckle isn’t yet in bud.  Decorating for this Decoration Day may require a little ingenuity.

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  1. Stephanie Frieze

    I hope the weather cooperates, Sydney! This is about the coldest Memorial Weekend in my memory. We are planning a trip to Tahoma National Cemetery tomorrow and planned to take a little picnic, but our visit may be a quickie–leave flowers for my girlfriend’s father and brother and get back into the car! I hope Monday is picture perfect for Oysterville.


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