Crossing the Road with Marilyn Monroe

Sep 5, 2015 | 1 comment

11902391_10206638354014073_1306196010787382096_nAnother late night. Another early morning. Another opportunity to get my wires a little bit crossed during the wake-up process!

Fortunately, it was FaceBook I was dealing with and not heavy equipment. The first thing I saw on my wall (or timeline or whatever it is that comes up on my computer screen) was a fabulous photograph from Stephanie Frieze – ‘our’ girls crossing the road at the crosswalk! Not our current girls, mind you. But they are all lovely hens that I recognize from past associations. Obviously, they exist somewhere out there in cyberspace which is probably where Stephanie found the image.

Marilyn-Monroe-marilyn-monroe-12892588-1300-1748Right after that delightful encounter, I saw a posting from my son — one of those silly sites that give you on-target (not!) information about yourself. This one promised to tell me which celebrity was my look-alike based on my FB profile picture. I took the bait, pushed the right buttons and… voilà! Just as we always have known, I’m a dead ringer for the late Marilyn Monroe.

Once again, FB has provided the perfect segue into another day in Greater Downtown Oysterville. For just a nano-second or two, I zoned out and saw that road crossing in Image A but without the chickens. This time the ‘girls’ were Marilyn and me – Marilyn first in line, of course. (She was ten years older than I and we all know the age-before-beauty rule!).

I’m sure with that image echoing (or whatever images do) around in my head all day, life will just be a stroll among the constellations. Or stars. Or wherever old hens and celebrities reside.

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  1. Stephanie Frieze

    I see the connection perfectly! Obviously you’re still a cute chick, Sydney!


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