Conversations in the Lane

Apr 30, 2015 | 0 comments

Our House 4/28/15 by the SunWishers

Our House 4/28/15 by ‘The SunWishers’

I meet the nicest people in our lane! This is the time of year when ‘pedestrian traffic’ here in Oysterville starts picking up. The weather is pleasant, the gardens are bright with flowers, and visitors seem to spend more time walking around with their cameras.

Though I am usually hunkered down conversing with weeds and slugs and other garden denizens – if I am outside at all, that is – I do occasionally take a break and walk down Clay Street to the bay. (For those who don’t know Oysterville, Clay Street is adjacent to our house on the south and is one of the grassy lanes that leads from Territory Road to water’s edge. Even though it is officially a county road, we and our neighbors keep it mowed and we all consider it “our” lane – of course!)

From The Lane by 'The sunWishers'

From the Lane by ‘The sunWishers’

The other day, there were a group of clam diggers out on the bay – Dan Driscoll’s crew I assumed since they were working on his beds – and I walked down the lane to have a look. As I returned to the house, I had the somewhat discomfiting thought that I have turned into one of those nosey old women that live in Miss Marple’s village in Agatha Christy Land – though I don’t often peep outdoors from behind lace curtains.

From Behind the Back Fence by 'The SunWishers'

From Behind the Back Fence by ‘The SunWishers’

Along the way I came upon two men taking photographs of our house and garden and I said something like “the rhodies are gorgeous, aren’t they?” That began a most pleasant ten or fifteen minute interlude during which I learned that they have recently moved to Long Beach, often come on ‘outings’ to Oysterville, and had numbers of questions about the village that I was happy to answer. (And, not only nosey but garrulous as well, thought I to myself. Oh dear!)

As I returned to my gardening tasks, I felt I had made two new friends. And, lo and behold, later that day they not only friended me on FaceBook, but they sent me these spectacular photographs that were taken ‘as we spoke.’ I love having conversations in the lane!


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