Considering Ends and Bottoms

Dec 28, 2012 | 2 comments

The year is galloping to a close and once again I am reflecting on what was Accomplished and whether or not I met my Aspirations.  Those thoughts seem Appropriate since my Letter for the Year 2012 was A.

It has been my habit for several decades to choose a Letter-for-the-Year rather than to make resolutions.  It’s probably a bit of a cop-out since a letter gives a lot more leeway but at least I don’t meet failure within a few days by breaking a finite resolve.  There are always other concepts and ideas that are inspired by an initial.

Last year was the first time I had chosen a vowel – ‘A’ for Abstinence (didn’t work so well in the food department but by February I had eliminated alcohol from my repertoire) and for Accomplishment (I wrote a book which will be coming out next spring).  So now it occurs to me that I should begin thinking about 2013.

As this year ends, I find that I am a bit obsessed with money – or actually a lack of it.  My own personal fiscal cliff.  And while it seems crass to choose ‘F’ is for Finances or ‘G’ is for Green Stuff, I’m thinking that I really do need to devote myself to the bottom line for a time.  So, I’m wondering if I can segué this Letter-of-the-Year into Number-of-the-Year, instead.

But what which number?  A single digit between 0 and 9?  Multiples of a number?  A finite goal?  Would 100,000 seem too greedy?  Or how about 1,000,000 as long as I’m fantasizing?  Would it seem more do-able if I broke it down by weeks?  More importantly, how to I manage to obtain this Number-of-the-Year?

And suddenly I realized that I’m back to thinking in terms of Ben Franklin and “a penny saved is a penny earned.”  Obviously, pennies won’t do it these days.  How I wish I had grown up with Warren Buffet as my role model, instead of Ben.  Did you know that, by the time he was seven, young Warren had obtained legal possession of his siblings’ teeth so that he could make more from the Tooth Fairy?  And that, seeing the positive results of his ploy, expanded his entrepreneurial dental acquisitions to the neighborhood?

But I digress…  I still have a few days to think about bottom lines and end results.


  1. Nancy

    This reader did not know that about Warren and his thievery….This reader would go for the Green, because the “G” factor could be used in a multitude of ways, describing the color of lawns, the color of envy (a no-no, but one of the 7 deadly sins) plus the many aspects of environmentally correct ways of being on the planet. And who knows what, exactly are those bottom lines and end results?

    • sydney

      Theivery!!? I must not have stated clearly enough how clever I thought seven-year-old Warren was! I wish I were half so clever even now at more than ten times that tender age! As for G — nope I’m pretty sure I’m going for a number. It’s just deciding which one that’s slowing me down.


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