Conflicted & Confused about Kid Safety

Feb 28, 2019 | 1 comment

Keeping its children safe is one of the paramount responsibilities of a society.  No sane person would argue that belief.  But it’s the how question that is usually the sticking point.

When I read of the Ocean Beach School District’s proposed two-point-five-million-dollar bond in yesterday’s Chinook Observer, I was aghast at my own reaction.  Total conflict!  How, I wondered to myself, can our community agree to pay for all the safety measures outlined in the article when our own recently elected sheriff is hedging on the gun control initiative just passed by the state?  (And, make no mistake about it, the proposed school bond and our attitudes concerning gun control are  inexplicably related.)

To be clear:  I voted for Sheriff Robin Souvenir.  And I voted in favor of gun control Initiative 1639.  The initiative is now being challenged in court and our sheriff, along with many others in the state, is not willing to enforce its provisions until it works its way through the courts.  It confuses me when the very people we elect to oversee enforcement of the laws that keep us safe decide, instead, to interpret them or to “wait” for further clarification.

I am conflicted, too, by the “safety” measures that are being proposed to protect our children.  One entry point into our school buildings, a full-time ‘resource officer,’ security cameras, improved lighting and fencing, etc. etc.?  Sounds a lot like a prison to me.  So… until we can come to grips with the root cause of our school safety problems, we plan to imprison our children?

Frankly, that’s not how I want to spend my money and it’s not how I want the next generations of children to grow up. And, yes, I’ve heard all the arguments put out by the NRA and their followers.  Not one of those self-serving reasons answers my concerns about locking our children up to keep them safe.  Not one.

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  1. Cassin Espy

    As you know better than anyone, Sydney, school should not only be a place of conventional learning but a place where students feel safe and free to let their minds become curious and to explore everything. How could this be possible with guards and fencing? And then there are those who suggest teachers be armed! So now, if this is the solution rather than gun control, more stress for students and teachers, more possibilities of panic and accidents, and anxiety, not learning becomes the norm.

    At least the Dems have taken a small step in the right direction.


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