Coming Soon: My Kindle Ghost Stories

Oct 15, 2010 | 2 comments

Facsimile Kindle Book Cover

     FINALLY!  My Kindle book for Amazon is “in the can” as they say about films.  I have no idea what the expression is for completed cyberspace books.  Actually, the book is in the ‘Review Process’ and the Amazon people say it will be available for Kindle users to purchase in two or three days.  I’m holding my breath.
     Publishing this book was not the hardest thing I’ve ever done, but it was close.  When I was “fired” by a highly recommended techno-nerd (see Oysterville Day Book entry for April 24, 2010), I put the project on a back burner for awhile.  But, since the subject seems perfect for Halloween, I began thinking about it as October approached.  With great determination, I began the Kindle publishing process on October 1st sharp.
     OMG!  Every day I spent hours researching and trying to get my very mid-1950s brain to understand DTPs and HTML tags and HTML-zips and unencrypted mobi files.  After many trials and a consistent 100% failure rate, I contacted Karl, my website guru at  “Do you know how to publish a Kindle book?”
     “No, but I could probably figure it out.”
     I went for an hour-long tutorial and sat watching while Karl’s cursor moved across the monitor at warp speed. I wouldn’t say it went totally smoothly, but by the time my hour was up, Karl was able to send me home with a set of relatively straight-forward and understandable instructions.
     It still took two full days to ‘publish.’  The biggest problem, even after mastering the publishing steps, was the formatting.  It was one of those “you can’t get there from here” deals.  I could either retreat to my Word document, try to make adjustments blindly, and then hope for the best, or I could try to deal with that computer language that looks like <h1> </h1. <body> – the HTML tags (I think).
     I chose to work in friendly old Word but, by so doing,  I gave up virtually all control of things like page breaks, paragraphing, font sizes etc.  So I am holding my breath.  And since I don’t have an e-book reader of any kind, much less a Kindle, I will have to wait to hear from my more techy friends to find out what it looks like and if it’s worth their $7.99 download price. I know the stories are good.  I just don’t know if they have a ghost of a chance in a Kindle format!


  1. Brigid

    Congrats. So happy for you. And the readers.

  2. Stephanie Frieze

    Congratulations, Sydney. As Brigid said, I am happy for you and the readers, but I have no sort of reader and no plans to get one. I hope it is a big success!


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