Clotted Up With Surveys

Jan 17, 2018 | 0 comments

They come in our email.  They show up on FaceBook.  Our telephone rings off the hook with them.  Surveys!  Opinion polls!  Day in, day out.  Sometimes from the same medical institution as yesterday or the same political pollster as last week. I guess they are job security for someone. I don’t see that anyone really cares about the answers.

If they did care, Trump would be out of job by now, the cafeteria food at one or another hospital would be improved, and the service department at our auto dealer’s would vacuum the car when they wash it.  It’s all enough to have you yank the phone out of the wall, cancel your cell phone contract and go into permanent hiding.  Oh. Wait.  “You can run but you can’t hide.”.  Isn’t that what they say?

Taken on an individual basis, each of these surveys, questionnaires, etc. might be seen as an honest effort to gather information that could result in positive change.  Taken as a whole, however, and given the lack of results… they are a huge timewaster.  Even worse, they are a distraction-to-the-max – a look-over-here, no-look-over-there, yes-somebody-does-really-care distraction!  Keep us busy giving our opinions (is that supposed to make us feel important and like we truly have a voice) while the movers and shakers go right on rattling the planet off its axis and out of sync.

So…  Push one if you agree.  Push two if you disagree. Your information will be kept private.  Thank you for your transparency.


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