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Feb 17, 2014 | 1 comment

Phonetic Head by Charlie

Unfinished Phonetic Head by CMH-IV

When my son Charlie was about ten, one of his closest friends and admirers said to me about something-or-other, “I think Charlie is going to be a genius!”  What a great statement!

Charlie's Flowers

Mrs. Higgins’ Flowers by CMH-IV

As proud and continually amazed mother, I have watched him fulfill that prophecy many times over and right now he’s doing it again.  He is in rehearsal for an up-coming production of “Pygmalion” and is playing the part of Alfred P. Doolittle.  Even before he auditioned for that role, he brushed up his Cockney accent – one of many accents he has fooled around with for years.  When the dialect coach for the show held a workshop for the actors not long ago, Charlie was asked to assist with the Cockney parts.

That’s typical of Charlie – being involved well beyond what is required.  So I wasn’t overly surprised to get a phone call from him a few weeks ago regarding Aunt Cleora’s fruit paintings.  They hang in our dining room and Charlie was referencing them in order to do some “period” paintings for the set.  This is what he said on his FaceBook page a few days ago:

            So here’s the deal. We go back and forth between Henry Higgins’ place and his mom’s place. He has phonetics charts hanging up, and she has paintings of flowers and such. We flip them over for scene changes. The floral paintings have to be in real frames. Makes it tricky. Here are my starting points. The head will have a title – VOCAL STOPS, and call-out labels – Glottal Stops, Labial Stops, etc. Here’s my fake floral painting and fake head diagram. I’m painting a fake fruit still life tonight.

Sketch for Fake Fruit Painting by CMH-IV

Sketch for Fake Fruit Painting by CMH-IV

There have followed a sketch and then the beginnings of the “fake fruit” still life, about which he says:

Unfinished Fruit Painting by CHM-IV

Unfinished Fruit Painting by CMH-IV

Halfway through?  Remember: This is not fine art – it’s a prop for Higgins’ mom’s house.  Got the peaches done.  Next: the foreground plum (in that space between the two peaches), the draped grapes, the branch with leaves (see original sketch…)and maybe gong over the edges of the peach blushes with a little transparentish yellow.)  I’m not a painter.  The last thing I painted was some function BG 30 years ago.  Never tried to do a “painting.”  I AM SO INSECURE!

I, of course, am totally impressed.   I wonder what Charlie’s four-times Great Aunt Cleora would have thought…

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  1. Stephanie Frieze

    Charlie is amazing and charming, too. I want Mrs. Higgins’ flowers! You’ve every right to be proud of him!


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