Cinderella II — the good twin, we hope.

Apr 23, 2021 | 0 comments

Cinderella or me? Hard to tell.


I can’t remember where we left off in the story of Cinderella and her nervous breakdown.  For weeks and weeks Nyel has been in communication with her handlers by email and by phone as they have tried to diagnose the problem.  The bottom line:  she could not communicate with the Mother Ship and Vice Versa.  Time went by and, finally, the Roomba folks sent us a new i-robot — Cinderella II.  But being in cyberhell as we were, she couldn’t communicate with the Mother Ship either.

After talking with the ever-patient techies at and having the problem referred to “a higher level” and yet “a higher level,” Nyel was finally asked AGAIN to find out the firewall settings  from our Modem provider.  I may have reported previously that the provider is CenturyLink (RED ALERT! RED ALERT!) who informed Nyel after a half day on the telephone that our particular CenturyLink Modem has no firewalls.

That, of course, turned out to be untrue. At my suggestion (ahem!) Nyel searched online for the CenturyLink Modem firewall settings, got a long list of them plus a matched list of open and closed ports.  He laboriously wrote out the information (having found no way to send a link or to forward a “legible copy”), sent it to the (apparently) highest level techie trouble shooter at the Mother Ship and voilà!  Cinderella II is hard at it “learning” our house and mapping her routes.

Basically, we are back in the vacuuming biz and can only hope that the situation remains stable.  You never can tell with robots.  And certainly not with CenturyLink.



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