Christmas some more! With Kris!

Dec 27, 2018 | 2 comments

And the beat goes on!  Kuzzin Kris arrived early yesterday afternoon.  She came laden with food – “I stopped at Safeway and those chickens smelled so good, I just couldn’t resist” – and mysterious packages wrapped and beribboned and, most importantly, her Christmas stocking.  We hung it by the chimney with care almost before we hugged our hellos.

That was the deal, after all.  Kris would be here for Christmas and we would confine our gift-giving to the Christmas stockings which Santa would take care of on the morning of the 25th.  But as in the most organized of best laid plans, things went awry before we could say “Merry Merry!”  Kris got some dreaded cold/flu/bronchial thing that laid her low and so our plans for Christmas were postponed.

The little gathering planned in her honor – all her special peeps from the year and a half she lived here at the beach – was postponed from the 23rd to the 26th.  That, of course, was yesterday so within an hour of her arrival from far off Eugene (via a stopover in Portland) we were in our mostest hostest get-ups and ready to party.  The food was great, the beverages plentiful, and the company hugely enjoyable.  Kris, of course, was inimitable as usual!

In my foray out to the kitchen this morning for coffee, I noted that Santa had arrived in the night.  Those stockings are looking pretty bulgy.  And I have it on good authority from the man, himself, that there are a few more additions to be made if only someone will give him some wrapping paper and ribbon.  And tape.

It will all be leisurely because that’s how we older folks like it.  And after all the excitement is over – but probably before we clean up the debris – we have a movie marathon planned for this afternoon.  “You Can’t Take It With You” and “Love Actually” will be the double feature matinee.  Tonight… probably a toss-up between “Jeopardy” and “The Big Bang Theory” on TV or another movie or maybe even a card game with friends depending on who all comes to dinner.  The choices are endless – until about nine o’clock.  That’s usually lights out around here… even on Kris’s Christmas visit!


  1. Dave

    Merry Christmas cousins from DC where the kids are small and the adults worn out.

    • sydney

      A great looking family!!! Proud to be related!


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