Christmas Dinner with Lars

Dec 26, 2013 | 1 comment

Lars and Spider-ManLars greeted us at the door in his bright red and blue Spider-Man tee shirt.  Although we’d caught but a glimpse of him since he arrived at Grandma Carol’s, he welcomed us into the house and immediately led me through the living room to see the “crane truck” Santa had brought.

“It’s HUGE!” he enthused.  And it was.  After a short demonstration with the HUGE crane truck and numerous other vehicles old and new, Lars settled on the couch between his mom and me.  He had his iPad (or maybe it was a Notebook or a Tablet?) in his lap and expertly moved through menus of cartoons to find one he thought I’d like.  “This is Minnie Mouse,” he confided.  And we watched contentedly while his dad and Aunt Betsy put the finishing touches on dinner.

Nutcrackers on the Hearth

Nutcrackers on the Hearth

Charlie and Nyel and I have been invited guests at our neighbor Carol’s Christmas Dinner for nearly a dozen years.  Often others are included but this was the first year that her son and family from Bermuda had made it to the festivities.  What fun!  Carol is all about Christmas and, as you would expect, so are her children and her grandson.

Christmas Table

Christmas Table

The table, as usual, was a-glitter with once-a-year Christmas china and candles.  There were the traditional Christmas poppers – really good ones with golden crowns and tongue twisters and quality presents – and holiday foods galore.  (Never mind that we were a tad late getting started because Aunt Betsy and Eric had neglected to turn on the oven for the potatoes.)  It was all delicious and festive with lots of laughter.

Lars the Dessert Chef


When it came time for dessert – apple and/or pumpkin pie– Lars stood atop the kitchen stool and manned the beaters for the whipped cream.  There was one almost-disaster when Aunt Betsy was distracted for a moment – but dad to the rescue with green food coloring to add for that special holiday presentation.

Hostess Carol

Hostess Carol

Hostess Carol was resplendent in bright red, holding court from her special chair in the living room and, during dinner, sitting at the head of the table looking queenly in her paper crown.  She tried very hard (and mostly succeeded) to give “the kids” free rein with preparations, interjecting advice only (mostly) when asked.  Not even her thinning hair – worrisome to her but hardly noticeable to the rest of us – gave a clue that just Monday she had been in Portland for yet another ten-hour session of chemo.

How honored we felt to be included again this year!  And what a delight to see Christmas through the eyes of “almost” five-year-old Lars.  “Did you know that I wrote a letter to Santa?  And he read it on TV!  And he brought me the crane truck!  It’s HUGE!”

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  1. Nancy

    Ah, the magic of Santa’s deliveries! And a tradition continues. Thank you for the peek into Carol’s home. Wondering where quality poppers can be found. Amazon probably.


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