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Feb 17, 2016 | 2 comments

Winter/Spring 2014 - Summer/Fall Sou'wester

I believe it’s still considered bad form to toot your own horn and probably even worse form to criticize the efforts of others. I am about to commit both offenses in the name of setting the record straight and I apologize right up front to anyone whose toes I step on.

There is a newish site on FaceBook (at least new to me) purporting to be about Pacific County history. Hooray for that! I’m all about our Southwest Washington history. So I took a look and one of the first things I saw was some place name definitions: “Beard’s Hallow” and “Dead Man’s Hallow.” I thought I might have wandered into a Harry Potter book by mistake. We have Hollows here with an ‘o’.

Still… I wanted to commend the effort until I took a brief look at those and other entries – lots of guesswork and “I think it’s” or “I may of spelled it wrong” and it made me a bit crazy. K is for KidnappingThere is a plethora of excellent information available about the place names of Pacific County, not the least of which is a double issue of a recent Sou’wester. “A Sense of Place, Names of the North Beach Peninsula” researched and written by TOOT! TOOT! yours truly.

I was not surprised to see that it was not a title listed on the “Books I Have Read about Long Beach Area” on the same site – after all it is a magazine, not a book. Never mind that the Sou’wester magazines (published quarterly since 1966) are one of the most reliable sources of Pacific County History and, should top any list of reading material about the area.

Book Cover for Dear MedoraAs for the books that were listed – great, as far as they went! However, there was not a single title by TOOT! TOOT! me, even though sixteen of the eighteen books I’ve written about our area are still in print. Not one. I definitely felt like the proverbial chopped liver. (And, in case this is the reason, let me disabuse readers right here and now of the notion that I write for children.  I do not.   My ABCs series are about basic facts; not alphabet books for youngsters.) But, I consoled myself that I was in good company. James G. Swan’s The Northwest Coast or Three Years’ Residence in Washington Territory was not on the list either. It’s a book that should be required reading for anyone purporting interest in our area history. Period.

I know my Oysterville grandmother is rolling over and over in her grave up at the Oysterville Cemetery. She believed firmly in hiding your light under a bushel. My Bostonian grandmother, on the other hand, lived by the rule, “If you don’t toot your own horn, no one will toot it for you,” TOOT! TOOT!


  1. Larry Evensen

    You go, girl!

  2. Claudette Ferriter

    Toot toot.for you Sydney!


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