Chicken and Vegetables

Aug 10, 2019 | 0 comments

Svetlana on Okra

The ladies of the coop like their vegetables.  Whether they are eating leftovers or sitting on an unopened bag straight from the freezer, there is nothing that quite approaches the busy contentment of chickens with veggies.

Last night I waited until almost-dark  to try to break Svetlana’s hopeless broody cycle.  “Put a bag of frozen peas or some such under her.  Her body temperature will drop and she will no longer feel broody.”  Or so I read.  So, about nine o’clock — just before the flashlight hour had arrived — I took (at no sacrifice at all) a frozen bag of okra down to the coop.

First, I reached under her and fetched a warm, brown egg.  She was still awake enough to give me a cursory peck but I persevered and slipped the bag of okra under her ample, feathery bosom.  She didn’t seem to notice — just shifted and squirmed a bit and then settled back down to her broody duties.  I left her to it and wondered what hatched okra would look like…

White Hen and Corn-on-the-Cob

This morning I had treats to take to the girls — corn cob left-overs, some tomato ends and part of a corn tortilla.  The red and white hens were up and awaiting my early a.m. visit but… no Svetlana.  Upon investigation, I found her still sitting on the now unfrozen (and squishy) bag of okra.  She gave me another warning peck as felt around to see if there was another egg under her but stayed settled in to her duty.

However, when I pulled the bag of okra out from under her, she was up in a shot, out of the nest box and out into the run to explore the morning treats.  She headed right for a corn cob and got busy.  But I noticed her looking through the chicken-wire fencing at the green grassy lawn beyond.  Was she thinking of what she might be missing by insisting that her eggs turn into chicks?

Wistful Svetlana?

Before I left the coop, I reminded her once again that there are no roosters among the little flock and reiterated that without a Papa in residence, baby chicks would not be forthcoming.  “Give it up!” I told her.

We will see.  (I wrapped the bag of okra in a clean plastic bag and set it back in the freezer… just in case.)


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