Chef Nyel, Problem-Solver Extraordinaire

Apr 13, 2020 | 0 comments

Blue Sky Picnic!

Easter Sunday!  It was another sunny, blue-sky-day with a noon-time temperature of almost 55° — Picnic Time Again!

“Sliced chicken sandwiiches!” I said.  “We haven’t any mayonnaise,” the chef said.

Which rang a sort of bell with me.  In one of Medora’s letters, she had written to her mother:

“The children brought home three crabs.  I wish you were here to help us eat them.  We have no oil and I haven’t a recipe so guess I can’t make any mayonnaise.”

Nyel’s Home Made Mayonnaise

The year was 1914 and Mama was in Portland “doctoring” and visiting the relatives.  Medora, 15, was at home in Oysterville in charge (along with Papa, of course) of her younger siblings: Sue (11), Mona (10), Edwin (6), Willard (4) and Dale (3).

“Well,” I said, “we have oil and plenty of eggs.  Do you think you could find a recipe online.”

He did and it was fabulous!  Just the right amount of tang from the red wine vinegar and lemon.  Today — another picnic with tuna fish sandwiches.  We have plenty of mayo, you betcha!


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