Charlie as Magus #2

Aug 5, 2013 | 0 comments

Charlie as Magus #2When my son, Charlie, told me that he was cast in the role of Magus #2 in the Will Geer Theatricum Botanicum’s production of “Merlin, The Untold Adventures,” I had to look up ‘magus.’  This is what I learned:

A member of a priestly caste of ancient Persia
A sorcerer
Synonyms – wizard, sorcerer, conjurer, mage, conjuro


Good to know.  And it makes sense, given the subject of the play.  Charlie is also cast in several other small parts, one being a Minor Devil (or something like that), giving a hint, perhaps, that this production puts a new twist on the old Arthurian tale.  It is, in fact, a “world premiere.”

According to Theatricum’s website:

 A brilliant and pertinent bringing forward of the ancient Merlin legend, written for a modern audience by Ellen Geer and played against a musical score composed by Marshall McDaniel.
…We find the rich, mythical, fascinating, Merlin, who has fascinated generations.
A musician, a storyteller of past, present and future…the mystic behind all that happens. He propels destiny. The counselor of truth who foresees and realizes a time of peace and to this day, slips in and out of history. Who was this seeker of truth with prophetic powers? This is his story.

In some versions, Merlin is said to be the son of the devil and perhaps that theme is what will be explored in this new play.  Charlie is giving us no information.  He’s a “see for yourself” kind of guy… at least with regard to this production.

We should know more in a month or so…


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