Caught in the Crossfire

Dec 9, 2010 | 5 comments

Broken Link

     Day 254.  That was yesterday.  For the previous 253 days – since March 30th – I had posted my “Oysterville Daybook” blog to my website, usually before 7:00 a.m.  But not yesterday.  I was unable to call up the posting site.  “Oops!  Internet Explorer was unable to find” said the message.  “Try reloading…”
     I tried.  And I tried.  Nothing.  At first I thought the trouble might be related to the thunderstorm that was happening right over my head and right at that instant.  The thought that I should shut down and unplug also crossed my mind, but I was determined to post my blog in a timely manner as usual.
      After awhile it became apparent that there wasn’t going to be an ‘as usual,’ so I appealed to my website guru at who immediately e’d back “The server is under malicious attack.”  They would keep me apprised.
     By late afternoon, although I was tired of trying to get onsite, I gave it one more try and voila!  Connected!  I posted my blog about 5:00 p.m. and, according to this morning’s statistics, lost about half of my readership yesterday.  I wonder if any of my ‘regulars’ realized that I was one of the many incidental victims of the Wikileaks attack that was all over the news last night.
       According to beachdog’s website posting at 4:10 p.n. yesterday:  “Based on Wikileaks statement of who they are trying to attack, we are confident that none of our sites were targeted but are rather casualties of the war.” 
     This morning the same old trouble was back for a bit.  Perhaps we are in for a long siege.  But, wait!  There seems to be a window of opportunity just now…


  1. MaryBeth Kelly

    I had a rocky online yesterday trying to access Facebook and a few other places. I kept getting messages that the server was not responding, but usually I could get on by trying again.

  2. Cheryl Kocher

    Interesting information. I tried, unsuccessfully, to read your blog yesterday. I got the same message about the server. I finally got through before you were able to post your message and wondered what had happened. Now I have the “rest of the story”. Who knew you were internationally significant??!!

  3. sydney

    And who knows when and where those “cyberwarriors” will strike next. Interesting times, indeed.

  4. Stephanie Frieze

    Who would have though that little old Oysterville would be caught in the fallout of that war! Just think what would happen if someone in the Taliban or Al Qaeda goes after the web.


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