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Apr 6, 2014 | 1 comment

Carol in Green

Carol in Green, 2011

This blog was written Saturday, April 5th but due to technical difficulties was late in being posted.

Our friend and neighbor, Carol Nordquist, died early yesterday morning after a valiant struggle with cancer.  Her passing leaves an empty place in our hearts to say nothing of a vacant chair among most groups of movers and shakers in Oysterville and beyond.

Since her arrival in the early nineties, Carol’s presence in the greater community and, especially, in the village has been formidable.  Over the years, she has served in leadership roles on the Oysterville Restoration Foundation, the Oysterville Community Club, the Oysterville Water Board and the Oysterville Design Review Board.  Her opinions and suggestions have been sought after and valued.

Carol on a Friday Night

Carol on a Friday Night, 2010

We could always count on Carol to tell it like she saw it and to point out the aspects of situations that we had overlooked or, perhaps forgotten.  She made no pretense of being the ‘voice of reason’ but she was always forthright in expressing herself, often causing us to take another look at a problem under discussion.  In our house it was often “when in doubt, call Carol.”

But way beyond any “official” duties, Carol was totally intertwined with our lives.  She was one of the Walking Women of Oysterville.  With Gordon Schoewe she began the Mystery Book Club.  She and her daughter Betsy were the Christmas Elves who delivered their homemade cookies and candies door-to-door during the holidays and invited those of us she laughingly called “strays” to Christmas dinner at her house.  She helped more than one neighbor through the illness or death of a loved one.

Carol and I drove each other back and forth across the river when we had our respective cataract surgeries and notified one another when the elk herd was marching by.  We compared notes on the happenings in town, mostly but not always agreed on politics, and bragged to one another about our children.  We worried and tut-tutted and laughed and scolded and helped if we could – and all those other things you do with a good friend.

Carol Christmas 2009

Christmas Socks 2009

Carol gracefully accepted the fact that I was not the least bit interested in sports and that I was pretty hopeless about keeping abreast of the news. Actually, I think that she cut me a lot of slack, especially considering her own passion in both arenas.  She overlooked my shortcomings with regard to financial matters; I tried not to roll my eyes about her struggles with the computer.

Carol also came faithfully to every House Concert or other event at our house unless, of course, it was a Sea Hawks weekend.  That went for Friday Nights, too.  In fact, there is a chair at our house that is known on Friday Night’s as “Carol’s Place.”  It’s where she invariably sat.  On the few occasions when she came a bit late and there was a newcomer who had inadvertently sat there, someone in the group usually alerted them to vacate it before Carol could get from door to chair.  It was Carol’s Place and will probably be so for evermore, no matter who sits there.

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  1. Ann Rose'

    What a lovely tribute to Carol. I’ve sent it to my children who also knew Carol. I’m sure they will recognize her from your writing! Thank you.



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