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May 2, 2016 | 4 comments

Kenneth L.  Walker - photo from the Boston Review

Kenneth L. Walker – photo from the Boston Review

It has become a ‘sometimes habit’ to scan recent posts on FaceBook to see what’s going on in the world.  I’ve found it a better source of news (at least news of interest to me) than whatever is being piped in by more traditional methods.  This morning, for instance, I was greeted by the smiling face of Ken L. Walker, a guy I haven’t seen in person since 2010.  That was back in the days of the Espy Foundation and Ken, along with several other graduate students from Brooklyn College, stayed here at the house during his month of residency.

Ken and I have kept in touch sporadically since then but usually about mundane things like what’s happening here in Oysterville.  The occasion of his appearance on my computer screen was an excerpt from his recently published work, “How They Fall/Like That,” appearing in the latest issue of the celebrated literary magazine, Boston Review.  I was impressed and took a Google- look at Ken to see what he’d been up to lately.

Wow!  Since earning his MFA, Ken has published criticism and poetry in the Boxcar, the Poetry Project Newsletter, Lumberyard, The Wolf, Crab Orchard Review, La Fovea, Washington Square, Atlas Review, The Seattle Review and the Brooklyn Rail.  He produces the conversation project, Cosmot said one site. Wow again!

Corina Copp

Corina Copp

Which led me to Google Corina Copp, also a Brooklyn grad student staying here six years ago.  Equally impressive: Copp is a former Lower Manhattan Cultural Council Workspace writer-in-residence and curator at The Segue Foundation; and is a 2014 New York Foundation for the Arts Fellow in Poetry. Since 2010 Copp has been a staff writer for Harriet say the Poetry Foundation website.  Plus it lists a number of her poems and goes on to give a nod to many sources where her poetry, performance texts, and critical writing can be found.


Bob Pyle with Marsha (his butterfly net)

Which led me to think about other poets I know and admire – Patricia Staton Thomas, Robert Michael Pyle, Cate Gable, Jim Bertolino, Casey Killingsworth, David Campiche, Florence Sage, Anita Boyle… and more and more.  Do I actually know more poets than writers of other genre?  You’d think I’d be more comfortable with poetry… But I’m totally intimidated.  I think it all goes back to Mrs. Barnes and eighth grade English…  Anyway, congratulations to Ken from far off Oysterville!  Polly would have been proud.


  1. Cate Gable

    Sydney: thanks for dropping my name. Good timing. I just sent off my MFA final poetry manuscript and also had a poem accepted in Raven Chronicles. Now I’ve been mentioned in your famous blog. It was a good day! Thanks.

    • sydney

      Congratulations! I’m glad your ‘goal’ (you know the one) is still somewhere on the horizon!

  2. Betty LeFevre

    So, it is Mrs. Barnes fault that I’ve never been comfortable with poetry, but love “words” *! Thanks for the excuse, but I adored Mrs. B. so can’t blame her completely.

    *”words”: beautifully expressed thoughts, terrific ideas , expressions of love and kindness, and on and on. You get the idea. So, why is poetry so intimidating?

    • sydney

      Yes! I, too, adored Mrs, Barnes and credit her with my love of our language. I don’t really know if she had anything at all to do with my intimidation about poetry but I think it was her class that introduced me to structure and cadence and all those other great things… so I guess I assume we covered poetry as well. I’m sure the fault is my own — sorry, Mrs. B.


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