By Degrees and All of a Sudden!

Feb 2, 2019 | 1 comment

Ossie Steiner’s standard “goodbye” words weren’t “see you later” or “’til next time” or any of the usual expressions.  It was always, “See you all of a sudden!” And around here, where you come across familiar faces no matter where you go, it was absolutely true.  At the store, at the library, at a restaurant or a play, you are likely to see almost anyone you know… all of a sudden!

In a totally different context, I felt that “all of a sudden” sort of surprise yesterday when I walked into our library and there was Nyel laying a fire!  With big chunks of firewood that he had carried from the woodpile to the porch and then into the house!  No wheelchair.  No walker.  Egad!  It seemed as though all of a sudden, he was back to almost normal!

Not really, of course.  There is the locking knee brace that he will always wear.  And the walker was nearby.  Ditto his cane (which he tells me he is going to try out today.) Bottom line, though – he was doing one of the Friday afternoon chores that I’ve been struggling with since he’s been out of commission.  To say I was thrilled beyond all measure is the understatement of the last four months!

I also discovered later that he had swept the front porch and had accomplished several other disparate tasks – his part of the usual preparations for our weekly Friday gatherings — his contributions that I’ve taken for granted for years.  Until lately, when I’ve had to do those things myself.

Isn’t that always the way?  When you are part of a team and you are concentrating on doing the best you can with your own part of things, you seldom think about the contributions that the other members make.  Until they can’t.  But when they are back on the job?  Wow!  Appreciation knows no bounds – in every single way.  Yes, recovery happens by degrees and by hard work and determination.  But it’s the “all-of-a-sudden” accomplishments that cause the clapping and cheering!

Truth to tell, I feel a little guilty about that.

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  1. Claudette Maxim

    Way to go Nyle! Hang in there. We are all pulling for you. ??


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