Burned Out — Covid-wise and Election-wise

Nov 2, 2020 | 0 comments

November 30, 2020 

The other night I took an hour-long, virtual, “real-time” tour of Paris with a reporter from Brut Media as my guide.  It began at nine p.m. Parisian time at the Eiffel Towner which was gloriously illuminated — a new wrinkle since I’ve been there.  It is lit up for five minutes every hour on the hour after dark.

But that wasn’t the point of the tour.  The trip through the streets of Paris was to document and show that there was not a soul abroad.  The city, like all of France is in total lockdown until December 1st in order to deal with “the second wave of Covid.”  Unless they are essential workers, Parisians may not leave their homes.  ANYone who goes out must have a “signed permission form” or face an immediate €135 ($150) fine.  The lock-down will be re-evaluated in 15 days — lengthened or shortened or staying as is for all of November.

At Notre Dame

Our guide told of other European measures now in place to combat the alarming increase in Covid cases.  Spain has declared a State of Emergency and has closed all borders to incoming and outgoing traffic. Italy has also imposed its most stringent measures since last Spring’s lockdown.  I have only one question about all of this:  WHAT THE F*** IS WRONG WITH THE UNITED STATES?

I’m also suffering from Serious Election Burnout.  Like most of my friends here (and in California and elsewhere), Nyel and I voted the day after we received our ballots — more than a week ago.  Maybe two.  I’ve lost track.  Why am I STILL getting junk mail in my mailbox from all manner of people running for state and federal office?  Why am I STILL getting mega robo calls each day urging me to vote, to answer surveys, to listen to canned messages from  candidates?  Who in the world are these messages aimed at?  If people haven’t gotten the idea yet…  there are no words.

Lady Liberty in Shame” by Chelsea Kirchoff

I’m also sick of the “news” giving us the worst-case and best-case election scenarios over and over and over again AD NAUSEUM.  I feel like I’m being besieged by a mind-numbing blitz of propaganda.  The hope must be that I won’t give a rip no matter which way the election(s) go.

I think it’s working…  I really am SO OVER ANY NEWS OF ANYTHING BEYOND THESE WALLS.  And I doubt very much if “I’m the only one…


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