Breaking the Silence

Oct 16, 2012 | 1 comment

When the screaming began yesterday morning, I knew immediately what it was.  The day was gray and rainy and the only ‘usual’ sounds were the occasional gust of wind rattling the storm windows and the on-off cycling of the heat pump. And, I hasten to add, the screaming wasn’t of the human or animal variety – it was the ugly ripping, whining lament of a building being torn asunder.

I shrugged on my barn coat, grabbed my rain hat and camera and headed for Carol and Tucker’s cabin.  The huge jaws of Woody Pierson’s rig were taking giant, mechanical bites out of its west end.  Tucker stood in front, quietly watching with a big smile on his face.  This was a long awaited day – a giant step toward full-time retirement life in Oysterville!

The little cabin is the last of the original 1930s Wachsmuth Cottages and has been a vacation place for Tucker and Carol and their family for many years.  But, long before they bought it, a kitchen/bathroom addition had been added on.  Like many such adjuncts of several generations ago, it was not especially well-built and it had served its purpose.  Now, its amenities were outdated and there were problems.  It was “Time…”

In the coming months, a somewhat larger and certainly more substantial addition will be made to the tiny original cabin.  In keeping with the Oysterville Design Review Guidelines, the plan is to make the new addition enough of a contrast so that the historic portion of the building is obvious.  The result will look great and give the family a comfortable, functional place to live.

Of course Tucker was smiling!  So was I!  And I think there will be lots more smiling as the months march by.

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  1. Abby

    Phew…when I read the title of today’s entry, I was afraid the screaming was coming from the church again…congrats to Tucker and Carol!


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