Breakfast Thoughts from Oysterville

Apr 25, 2014 | 3 comments

Kitchen StuffI’m not a breakfast eater.  Never have been.  So, when I’m directed to take a course of medicine twice a day “with food” I have to force myself into the kitchen for long enough to have a piece of toast or something rather than just grabbing a cup of coffee and taking it to my office as usual.

Fortunately, I love our kitchen.  It’s bright and cheery, the walls are crowded with artwork by friends and, even the little pub table where we eat most meals has a personal story.  Though the room is small – definitely a one-butt kitchen – or probably because it’s small, every nook and cranny counts.  Plus, it’s the one room of the house that most reflects our own sensibilities.

Kitchen Sink (1)When my mother ‘vacated’ the house to “live in sin” (as she put it with a twinkle in her eight-five-year-old eyes) with childhood friend Les Wilson, Nyel and I began our plans for moving into the house.  Our first concern was the kitchen – pretty much untouched since the early seventies when my folks upgraded it to the avocados and yellows and burnt oranges that were all the rage back then.

We decided to completely gut the room down to beadboard walls and ceiling.  We replaced the fluorescent lights with hanging fixtures and old-fashioned schoolhouse shades.  We uncovered my grandmother’s long-abandoned, built-in “cooler” and incorporated into our Ikea cupboard plan.  No room for pots and pans, so they went on the wall. And, it didn’t surprise any of our friends that the color scheme was red, white and black – my “signature colors” I’ve been told.

Kitchen CornerThat I’m totally house proud and love every nook and cranny in this old place is certainly no secret.  However, except for the bathrooms and the kitchen, the house is a reflection of my grandparents’ generation more than it is of ours.  To me, it feels much like it did in my childhood – mostly the same furniture, the same quiet colors and old-fashioned wallpaper.  I adore it all.

But I’ve realized on this early morning breakfast regime that the kitchen is my favorite room of all.  And not because Nyel is Head Chef in the household, either!  I’m sure I’d feel the same way if I did more than make the occasional piece of toast there.  LOL, as they say.


  1. Vicki Meno

    Hey Sydney! I just came across your web page killing time before work. I just love this story about your kitchen. I feel like you are talking just to me! You should keep doing that you do and enjoy your little vay kay! Yes the Meno’s are all well!

    • sydney

      Vicki — So wonderful to hear from you. We miss you both and I’m so glad our paths can at least cross virtually!

  2. Vicki Meno

    Happy May Day looooove your webpage!!


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