Bread and Butter Hold the Bread

Jan 25, 2017 | 2 comments

It’s pretty much a cliché to comment adversely on hospital food.  That’s why I’ve enjoyed speaking loud and often about the food at Ocean Beach Hospital in Ilwaco.  It’s terrific!  In fact, every once in a while, Nyel and I still nip down into the Bistro on the lower level for a lunch date!

But here at Legacy Emanuel, not so much.  The food is prepared well and, even considering the low salt /low fat preparation, it is fairly tasty.  But there is one major problem.  Seldom do all the components of the meal get to their destination simultaneously – or at least that has been our experience.

Last night, for instance, my Guest Meal was described on the menu as “Macaroni and Cheese.  Homemade with cheddar and American cheeses, served with broccoli, tossed green salad and a dinner roll.”  I chose Caesar dressing for the salad, plus a cup of decaf and a raisin oatmeal cookie.  They said it would be 45 minutes and asked if I would be paying by cash or credit card.

The meal came just about on time, give or take five minutes.  The mac and cheese was delicious and the broccoli steamed to perfection – al dente, not mooshy.  The salad dressing –Newman’s Own – lay on the tray in its puffy little pouch and I could just hear it daring me to try to open it.  (No sharp utensils here and the plastic knives, even though serrated, just won’t do it.)  But… no salad.  We called and they would take care of it right away – in about 45 minutes.

No sooner had I hung up the phone than I noticed the little container dedicated to the pat of butter.  No bread.  Oh well…  I didn’t call.  It would just confuse them.  Some more.            As they say… there’s no place like home.  Even when it comes to hospital food!


  1. Cindi

    Maybe you should have ordered a BLT: Hold the bacon, hold the lettuce, hold the tomato and hold the mayo ! Then you would have gotten your bread !

    • sydney

      lol I saw that movie, too.
      Unfortunately, the ‘Guest Menu’ here at Emanuel only has four choices for lunch and the same four choices for dinner. BLTs aren’t one of them. (But my oh my, that sounds super right now!)


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