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Oct 18, 2015 | 1 comment

Me at CostCo in Warrenton!

Me at CostCo in Warrenton!

Yesterday I spent two hours (actually more like two and a half) at CostCo signing Ghost Stories of the Long Beach Peninsula and schmoozing with friends and strangers about far-ranging subjects. But mostly about ghosts. The CostCo staff made me feel right at home and I loved every minute of it!

This was the first book-signing I’ve ever done in a venue that is not primarily books. I’ve had ‘book events’ in bookstores and libraries, and even in museum bookshops – but never in an outlet that is selling everything from exotic cheeses and garden chairs to toilet paper and flat screen televisions. The questions that people asked seemed to separate the regular readers from many of the other folks who stopped by my table.

“Did you write this book? Is it any good?” was a tandem query that I heard more than once. My responses varied between “Yes! Why don’t you buy it and see for yourself?” and just “Yes! I love it.” Mostly they bought the book. I hope they enjoy it.

Mystery Book Clubbers

Mystery Book Clubbers

Of course, the primary subject under discussion was ghosts. I heard about several ‘new’ ghosts in the area that I intend to learn more about. And one lovely woman came all the way from Longview to buy the book and to tell me about a haunted place on the Peninsula where she worked for ten years. I took her card. Maybe there’s a sequel in the making…

I was greatly pleased that one man told me he was buying the book because he was a “history buff.” I don’t know how he knew that the whole point of Ghost Stories of the Long Beach Peninsula was to take a different look at the history behind some of the familiar places and structures on the Peninsula. Hooray for discerning buyers, I say!

Peninsula Friends

Peninsula Friends

I saw lots of friends who were rushing through the store on a particular mission and had no idea about my signing. Michelle and Josh Rogers were there with their four-month-old triplets and big sister Addy; Tiffany and Brady Turner and boys stopped to visit for a bit. I even saw Billie Rood, a teacher I worked with at Ocean Park School twenty years ago and who now lives in Poulsbo. I’m not sure why she was at the Warrenton CostCo but it was great to share a hug and hello!

And then there were the wonderful supportive friends from both sides of the river – members of the Mystery Book Club, former Community Historians, and even a member or two from the Grays Harbor College class I taught last Spring. Thank you all! You made it a memorable day, indeed!

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  1. Stephanie Frieze

    I’m so glad it was successful!


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