Black Friday by Lamplight

Nov 26, 2016 | 1 comment

Friday Night Gathering, 11/25/2016

Friday Night Gathering, 11/25/2016

Tucker and Carol were the first to arrive last night for our weekly Friday Night gathering.  No sooner had they crossed the threshold than we were plunged into silent darkness.  Power outage!

It wasn’t unexpected.  Two hours earlier, Nyel and I had arrived back on the Peninsula, still replete from Thanksgiving dinner at Kuzzin Kris’s in Eugene.  We drove north on Sandridge and six or seven miles south of Oysterville we came upon a bit of a slowdown where a pickup had run into a telephone pole, knocking it cattywampus.  There were no emergency vehicles there yet and it may have been the truck driver, himself, who waved us into the oncoming lane so that we could get safely past.

An hour or so later, Friday night regular Bill Grennan called.  “So, is your power back on?”        “It hasn’t been off,” I said.  Theirs had been out for a while and still was – apparently due to the accident we’d seen and which was, come to think of it, not far from their place.  “Come on over,” I said.  “It’s Friday Night as usual in Oysterville!”

shadowAs it turned out, it wasn’t quite ‘as usual.’ Tucker, in true Boy-Scout-Always-Prepared fashion, immediately took a flashlight out of his pocket and illuminated the room.  I lit the candelabra on the mantle.  Nyel brought in the kerosene ‘sewing lamp,’ and we put a match to the fire that had been laid in the fireplace, this night less for the ambiance than to stave off the oncoming cool.  Lina (Carol and Tucker’s daughter) and husband Dave Cordray called and we said “Come on over.  And bring a stick or two of dry firewood if it’s handy.”

Lina arrived with a plateful of to-die-for LindaBrand crab legs. A few minutes later we heard a big growly sort of noise outside which turned out to be Dave in his tractor with the bucket loader full of firewood. Beautiful, dry fir, some of which he stacked by the fireplace and the rest on the porch!  We were set for the duration!

We ate.  We drank.  We talked and laughed.  Guests stayed later than usual because…  Just because.  It was really glorious.  There’s always something about a power outage and lamplight and good friends that makes Oysterville even more magical than usual.  Nyel and I lingered by the fire for quite a while, talking and watching the shadows on the walls.  It was a time of true thanksgiving.

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  1. Caroline Miller

    Why I am jealous of your power outage. It sounds like so much fun!


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