Bit by Bit — Creeping Toward Christmas!

Dec 4, 2018 | 2 comments

One of Three from Martie

A week or so ago, we made a family decision:  no Christmas this year.  In our particular family-speak, that means that we won’t be together for the holidays; we’ve put togetherness on hold until the end of February.  Both Charlie and Nyel are knitting (bones, that is) and travel for them seems far too risky and difficult.  For Marta-the-Pet-Sitter, it’s one of the busiest times of the year and planning to be gone from her base of operations would be less than prudent.

Added to “no kids for Christmas” is the fact that it’s the off-year for our big Christmas Party which is just as well.  It’s a team effort and, until the strong, tall half of the team is up and running (well, at least walking) again, some of the preparations that we’ve always considered a necessary part of the holidays are simply out of the question.  No eleven-foot tree.  No holly or fir boughs decorating the mantles. And, without a working oven – no fragrance of cookies baking and no roasting turkey to look forward to.

Kuzzin Kristina Jones

But… bit by bit, Christmas is coming to our house anyway – in spite of all!  First, our friend and neighbor Martie brought us three huge, gorgeous Christmas wreaths!  So, from the outside, we definitely look festive!  Then, we made a plan with Tucker and Carol to combine forces for Christmas dinner – they’ll do the oven parts, we’ll do the stovetop parts, and we’ll have it here so Nyel won’t need EMT transport!

We learned that Kuzzin Kris (who now lives in Eugene) had no plans for Christmas – so “come on up to Oysterville!” we said.  “YIPPY SKIPPY!!! Can’t wait!!! … what could be more fun? What shall I bring??? Can we play charades? Cribbage? Sing carols? Cavorting about? Raise a little hell? OH BOY IS RIGHT!!! Smooches, K” she answered.

Furthermore, the Christmas cards have begun to arrive and yesterday Tucker came over with a gift for us all the way from Germany!  It was from Heidemarie and Manfred and we opened it on the spot!  Beeswax candles and little hand-made-nut-people decorations, a tiny treasure bag, and two gorgeous Christmas ribbons!  WOW!

It has become abundantly clear that Christmas will be happening here No Matter What.  I’ve begun the polishing and dusting.  Nyel began cooking in earnest – experimented baking bread (delicious!) in the slow cooker, and Tucker got down one of the boxes of Christmas decorations for me.  (Just a few touches, I told myself.)  It won’t be the same without Charlie and Marta, but we’ll look forward to a continuation of the festivities a few months hence.  We aren’t skipping Christmas, after all – just elongating it!


  1. Bonny Pearson

    Glad to find out you are not totally giving up Christmas but need to tell you Jacob is now engaged to a wounderful girl I just love her. We so want to get back up there to see all. HAPPY HOLIDAYS ND MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!

  2. Berntza Kristina Jones

    Oh, Babycakes!!! Can’t WAIT!!! We’ll definitely have Christmas even without our children, grandchildren, usual routines… one thing about our family, Cuz Dear, we DO know how to celebrate all of Life!!! Love, KK


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