Birthday Balancing Act

Aug 5, 2017 | 1 comment

Birthday Baoy

Our long-planned birthday excursion for Nyel – a traditional August 4th event – took an unexpected turn yesterday when his destination suddenly became Ocean Beach Hospital.  The balancing act between medications for his CHF (congestive heart failure) needed fine-tuning… once again!  But this time, his cardiologist thought that his situation could be managed here, rather than in Portland.  In the grand scheme of things, that was a big plus and we are hoping for the best.

Meanwhile… our plans to meet for dinner with friends had to be put on hold.  Our plans for our usual overnight adventure at the Tokeland Hotel had to be put on hold.  And, once again we reminded one another that things could be worse.

Let him eat cake!

We also noted that this hospital thing on special days is beginning to be a habit.  Nyel spent Christmas at Good Samaritan in Portland, my birthday at Emanuel Hospital (also in Portland and now…this!  Our 30th anniversary is coming up and we’ve decided to avoid making plans…

As it turned out, Petra and Michael came over from Astoria for a visit – brought him two big pieces of dark chocolate cake, and diverted us with stories about Michael’s photographing ventures on the Columbia.  We laughed a lot – the best medicine, as they say, though Nyel might argue that dark chocolate is right up near the top of the list, no matter what the heart healthy diet may say!  Besides, a birthday is a birthday!!

Birthday Bird

Jeanne Bellinger dropped in, too, and brought Nyel one of her little bird mobiles with a sweet birthday note attached.  (There are a lot of perks to being at your ‘hometown’ hospital and knowing most of the folks who work there!)  The bird is flying around near his bedside, tethered to an IV pole which, fortunately, is not needed right now.

Birthday Visitors

It seemed odd to drive home in the gloaming, all alone.  On the other hand, asking for a cot for a sleepover (as I do in Portland) didn’t seem appropriate or necessary.  And, Farmer Nyel was concerned about the chickens.  As it turned out, there was one perfect egg in the nest box.  Considering that the girls have been on strike for five or six days (maybe a work slow-down during the heat) I was pretty sure it was a birthday present for the boss.  I called him to say so and I could feel the smile from seventeen miles away.

We count our blessings!


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  1. Caroline Miller

    All in all, not a bad birthday. And Nyel got hiscelbratory cakes, after all. Chocolate…. my favorite.


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