Behind Those Cupboard Doors

May 2, 2020 | 2 comments

As often as I sing Nyel’s praises in the cooking department, I’m not sure I say enough about his penchant for cooking from scratch.  Prepared foods don’t have much place the great scheme of things in our kitchen, as a glance inside our cupboards reveals.

Tostados for dinner?  Only if he has a supply of beans he has previously cooked in the slow cooker for a day  Then he’ll add them to the onions he has sautéed in one of the cast iron frying pans, add chili powder and cumin and we’re in business.  He doesn’t (usually) make the tortillas or salsa or (ever) the sour cream. The lettuce used to come from his garden but, alas, not now.

We aren’t big on casseroles but we do have stir fry and kabobs fairly often and, the old stand-by dinners we both grew up with — meat, vegetable, potatoes (or rice or maybe egg noodles.)  Now that Nyel can no longer keep a garden (and I am worthless as a helpmate in that arena) our produce all comes from the market — almost always fresh, occasionally frozen, never, as in not ever, canned.

Soups and salads — all from scratch, except if tomato sauce is required.  Then Nyel will make concessions to one particular brand that has a no salt added choice.   Spaghetti sauce… also from scratch.  Salad dressings… ditto

Breads and simple desserts are home made when Nyel has time or, perhaps, is in the mood.  Pastas and noodles are store-bought but, again, we are picky about brands.  Condiments are mostly store-bought, except when we luck out from some of our homemaker friends and relatives.

Even Nyel’s granola is made from scratch — rolled oats, wheat germ, almonds (chopped in food processor), raisins sunfower seeds, honey, olive oil — all mixed and slow-baked,  The Best!

We do make a few concessions to prepared foods — Costco’s Meat Lasagna for one and ready-to-bake pie shells are another.  We love Ekone Smoked Oysters (do they even count as a “prepared” food?) and every now and then I have a craving for California rolls from Safeway’s sushi bar.

None of which detracts one iota from the day-in, day-out presentations Nyel offers here at home.  He might have missed his calling, vocation-wise.  But I am ever grateful that I get the benefit of any missed opportunity he might have had along those lines!  Lucky me!


  1. Deborah L Wells

    I usually have cereal everyday with fruit or bagel or english muffin. Juice after exercise I have a Yogurt. For dinner, Bob makes dinner for me all the time and he is a good cook and I contribute sometimes for some of dishes or bring makings for salads! Deb Wells

  2. Jan Paxton

    Wow, can I come to your house! You are a rock star Nyel???
    You’re a very lucky woman, Sydney!


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