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May 24, 2012 | 2 comments

Wires to Nowhere

     Yesterday was one of those I-shoulda-stood-in-bed days.  Before I’d had my second cup of coffee, my computer crashed. That was the Bad News.
     The Good News is that, though the computer is not worth fixing, all my data should be retrievable said the Techie Guru Person.  I may be back in business by Friday.  But, as we all, know, it’s seldom that easy and, no matter what, it will cost lots of money.
     In Other News – we are again hunting for someone willing to paint the Oysterville Church.  Our Faithful Painter Friend (we thought) of twelve plus years of work on the inside and outside of our house and also on the bottom parts of the church has changed his mind about it.
     I think the steeple is too much for him.  He says it’s our attitude.  Apparently having the audacity to ask for an estimate before the Annual Oysterville Restoration Meeting on Saturday was our undoing.   Never mind that we have been on his “wait list” for more than a year and he has been here several times to look at the church and make promises.
     It’s discouraging.  And truth to tell, I didn’t have an attitude twenty-four hours ago but I am working up to one now…  Undoubtedly, the stars are in some bad aspect with regard to Oysterville.


  1. Anne Kepner

    Sydney, The owner of Miller Paint (currently for sale) has a son who paints on the Peninsula. The dad’s name is Ken Anderson. Might be a thought.

  2. Stephanie Frieze

    Mychael Clarson is back on the Peninsula. Try him. Painting is not his favorite thing, but he’s trying to get together enough $ to get his family here for the summer. He’d probably have a better attitude about altitude.


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