At Two with Cell Phones

Jun 20, 2016 | 1 comment

41pmsEG2HGL._SX425_I feel relatively comfortable with most amenities of modern life.  I know the basic principles of standard kitchen appliances, for instance.  I can figure out how to use a microwave before we’ve been properly introduced and I’m at one with the controls on a dishwasher and the brew buttons on fancy-schmancy coffee makers.  But my smart phone intimidates me to the max.

It’s actually not the ‘smart’ part.  I can use the camera (usually) and can find my way around the internet function.  I can even utilize the various clever ‘apps’ – from flashlight to calculator.  But I have mega difficulties with the phone part of the equation.

Wisely, I have not handed out my cell phone number willy-nilly so it seldom rings.  But when it does… oh my lord!  First I have to locate the phone’s whereabouts, then I have to remember how to answer it.  It’s probably just me but it seems absolutely counter-intuitive to do that swipe thing.  By the time I’ve done that successfully and realized that I’m not home free yet, the ringing has stopped and I’m dead in the water.

Charlie-Brown-Christmas-Tree-Images-3And god forbid it rings in the car.  That blue tooth thing kicks in and, even if I do swipe and tap in a timely manner,  I can hear nothing from the phone clutched to my ear.  By the time I realize that I should be giving my attention to the disembodied voice coming from somewhere on the dashboard the caller has usually given up.

So, it’s not at all surprising that the first night out on our little vacation trip, I left my cell phone in the motel room.  Not on purpose, mind you – although a shrink might find that debatable.  A half day later and several hundred miles down the road I missed the silly thing and… The upshot is that the nice desk lady is going to mail it to my home address.  I do hope she remembers to turn it off first.  I have visions of Postmaster Steve hearing the Charlie Brown Christmas Special Theme Song (my ringtone) coming from that package addressed to me.  Thank goodness hardly anyone has my number!

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  1. Stephanie Frieze

    Were it not for a grandchild accompanying me to get new phones, I wouldn’t have the faintest idea how to use one!


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