At the Smithsonian with Maggie – tomorrow!

May 17, 2023 | 1 comment

As many of you know, Maggie Stuckey’s latest book. The Container Victory Garden is now out!  And, as some (but possibly not all) of you know, Maggie, herself, is out and about following a very serious surgery that unfortunately coincided with the publication of the book.  Her friends and fans were devastated that all sorts of book-signings and book talks had to be put on hold.  But tomorrow comes  a fabulous peek at the book AND at a recovering Maggie!   YAY! And of all places — at the Smithsonian Gardens in Washington D. C.  AND WE ARE ALL INVITED!   This is what Maggie says:

If you wish to join the live event, registration is necessary. Fortunately, it’s an easy and free process.
Here’s how to register:
1. Visit the “Let’s Talk Gardens” series page here.
2. Scroll to the description of my lecture.
3. Click the “register here.”
4. Follow the instructions provided.
Once you register, you’ll receive a personal email with all the login information calibrated for your time zone.
Please remember, if you’re unable to join the live event, you can still access the lecture at a later date from the Smithsonian Gardens library.

Maggie Stuckey

In addition to Maggie, you are likely to see other people you know!  According to the publicity about the Smithsonian talk:

Maggie Stuckey, bestselling garden author, tells a story on two levels in her new book, The Container Garden Victory Garden.   On one level is a detailed how-to guide to container vegetable gardens, written specifically for beginners and told with clarity and gentle wit,  The second story pays honor to the Victory Gardeners of World Wars I and 2, and the many lessons present-day gardeners can learn from them. Their legacy is highlighted in 20 first-person stories from Americans alive today who remember helping in their families’ Victory Gardens – powerful stories of patriotism, sacrifice, and hope. Maggie’s presentation weaves the two together in a program that is both educational and heartwarming.

Mark Petersen and Nyel Stevens, 2017

I’m especially looking forward to seeing Mark Peterson who kindly agreed to read Nyel’s story since Nyel is no longer around to do so.  Nyel was so pleased that the story of his beloved grandparents’ garden would be included in Maggie’s book and I’m sure he would be equally pleased that Mark agreed to stand in for him.

Imagine!  A date with Maggie at the Smithsonian!  “See you” there!





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  1. Sandy Stonebreaker

    I had some correspondence with a person helping Maggie wondering if I would be willing to read my little bit. I said it wasn’t something I was particularly comfortable doing but would do so if it helped Maggie. Guess that was enough to discourage the possibility.


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