As the water runs… NOT!

Aug 3, 2023 | 0 comments

A windmill and rainbarrels on the roof insured my grandmother of running water by gravity-feed.

So… this is only day three of the no showers, no flushing, no dish or laundry washing, and no garden watering.  And it’s already quite old.  It’s not that I don’t have water.  I do.  In bottles and jugs.  So I really shouldn’t complain.

But it does make me wander off on mental birdwalks.  Like, which would you rather have?  Running water or electricity.  I actually gave that a little thought until I realized that without electricity for my pump, I STILL wouldn’t have running water — not as long as I’m on a well.  So, I guess my answer is, I’d rather have runing water and hope that would fool the water AND electricity sprites into continuing both.

Our outhouse can be seen to the right of the house — c. 1930

My ever-vigilant and concerned neighbor Cyndy suggested that I hook back up to Oysterville water to solve my problem.  I love it that she has her eye out for me but had to explain that it’s an old, old pipe under the house that has given out and so no water can get from there to here in any case.

I’ve also been wondering exactly when my grandfather got rid of our outhouse.  I remember that it was still there in the forties and maybe even the fifties for exactly these sorts of reasons.  In those days we couldn’t depend too heavily on electricity — especially in the winter.  And when it did go out, it was often days before we were up and running again — unlike nowadays when the PUD crews seem to have us back to heat and lights and running water in nothing flat.  Do we appreciate them enough?  I hope so!!

Water Bottles Everywhere!

Someone I was whining to expressed “shock and dismay” that my plumber didn’t drop everthing and come right over to my rescue.  While I appreciated the sentiment, I did have to laugh.  Hardly an emergency.  Inconvenient?  Yes.  Putting me in touch (a bit) with the “olden days” and even to camping when I was a kid.  Yes to that being incovenient, too.  The big difference?  It would never have occurred to me to whine about it back then.    (But I do feel better now.)


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