Art Walk Tonight!

Jul 8, 2010 | 3 comments

Strolling at the Art Walk

     Nyel’s new knee is beginning to ‘settle in’ a bit and we are looking forward to our first real outing since his surgery on June 3rd.  Our plan is to attend the Ilwaco Art Walk tonight – not that we will do very much walking, but just enough to support a neighbor and re-connect with an old acquaintance.
     The neighbor, Sandra Lill, is to be the featured artist at the Shoalwater Gallery tonight.  She is a jeweler and she is presenting a ‘trunk show’ which, as I understand it, is a display of an artist or designer’s work, particularly in the fashion industry.  Being a blue jeans and sweatshirt type, myself, – certainly not on the cutting edge of fashion – I’ve never attended a trunk show and I’m eager to see how it works.  I have seen Sandra’s jewelry, though.  Fabulous!  I may have to dip into my stash of mad money.
     The old acquaintance is Dave Nicandri, Director of the Washington State Historical Society.  I think we first met in the 1980s when Lawrence Lessard and I were performing in Shoalwater Storytellers at the Folk Life Festival in Seattle and Dave was still curator at the Capitol Museum.  Since then, have I seen him face-to-face?  I’m not sure.  But we correspond by email now and then and he kindly read and commented on a pre-publication review copy of my Dear Medora book.  Dave will be signing his own recently published River of Promise: Lewis and Clark on the Columbia at Time Enough Books tonight and I intend to get a copy.
     All depends, of course, on Nyel’s knee.  I suppose I could go alone if he isn’t feeling up to it, but it’s no fun at all to go on out strolling without my handsome escort!


  1. Patty Brewe

    Maybe we will bump into each other tonight!

  2. Betsy

    I was great to see you both at Art Walk. I hope Nyel’s knee feels okay today – It looked like you went the distance!

  3. Michelle. McCarten

    Are any of you still around? I see that thes notes are from a couple of years ago.

    I doubt that you remember me. I dated Lawrence for a couple of years and met the storytellers back then. Hope you are all still doing well.

    I live in Alaska now with lots of snow, darkness, moose, northern lights, earthquakes in winter and lots of light in summer.


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