Are we in Enoch’s “Age of Sexy Makeup”?

Oct 26, 2020 | 0 comments

It’s probably a sign of overwhelming stress concerning ‘the here and now’ that we spent our morning coffee hour discussing how the Bible(s) as we know it/them evolved.  The (s) and the ‘it/them’ should indicate to readers that there are several (perhaps many) versions of the Good Book in use these days.  Even more germane to this particular ramble is that we were looking to Google and the Internet for answers to our questions.  Questions like how many Gospels or Books exist(ed) that are not now included in current versions.  Of the Bible(s).

One interesting bit was about the Book of Enoch — actually there were three — is that it/they included information about a gang of fallen angels coming to Earth and  leaving  the particulars on how to make weapons, magic, and sexy makeup. Those writings of Enoch didn’t make the cut as early as 300 CE (Common Era) which, as you probably know by now, is replacing AD (Anno Domini ) among scholars and others INTK (in the know) in order to take religion out of the equation.

Well… somehow old Enoch’s information sounds pretty sensible to me.  Especially since, during TSTC. (The Sheltering Time of Covid) I have been working my way out of Sexy Makeup.  Not for any religious reasons, mind you.  Just laziness.  Which I think sloth was another name for.  And I think it’s a current Biblical no-no.

As for the weapons and magic parts… “Well, here we are…” you might say.  Plenty of the former and I’m actually communicating with you via the latter.  Is this, I ask you, an example of things coming full circle?  Should Enoch’s books be reconsidered? The Biblical scholars among us may want to weigh in.  Also, anyone who can still dredge up a bit of humor about OCS (Our Current Situation.)

My take on all of it — things are indeed bleak when the stress levels get this high in places like calm, quiet Oysterville.  Amen.


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