Appetizers, Drinks, Friends and Music!

Jun 30, 2023 | 0 comments

One of the best Friday Nights EVER!  The food was great!  The drinks were fine!  Our friendships are strong!  But it was the music that made this a night to remember!  Fred and Marta had their guitars.  Cate brought her ukelele.  The three had not played together before but that is the magic of music and musicians — harmonies and solos and riffs and who-know-what-all.

There was just the right mix of songs we could sing along with —  Woody Guthrie, John Denver, Fleetwood Mac and Harry Bellefonte to name a few and some more esoteric selections that Marta, Cate, and Fred sang solo or in two and three-part harmony.  So fun!  And I had forgotten what a fine voice my son Charlie has.

All too soon (though it was later than usual) Cate began singing “The Owl’s Lullaby” — always the last song in her performances.  She had to leave to tend to her ailing dog and the rest of us sang on for a bit — though it wasn’t quite the same without her.

All in all, it was a memorable evening.  I always love the Friday Night Gatherings.  Music just makes them that much better!



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