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Feb 9, 2024 | 1 comment

Plywood Mill

I’ve been thinking a lot about our February 6th History Forum — the one on logging that I wrote about on February 7th.  Like many who attended, my expectation (and, truth to tell, my hope) was to hear from old loggers about their experiences in the woods as high- climbers and choke-setters and whistle-punks.  Instead, we heard a lot about the corporate era of logging — the rise of Weyerhaeuser, Crown Zellerbach, and Rayonier in the 1930s and the gigantic impact of new materials developed in the 1940s making the manufacture of plywood and other modern building materials possible.

Not quite the romantic logging stories some of us were hoping for.  But wait!  Haven’t I been the one urging my readers and friends and history buffs to write down their history — if for no other reason than to record it for their own children and grandchildren.  And that’s exactly what Mr. Nott has done with “The Logging Eras of Pacific County Washington.”   Not as romantic sounding, perhaps, as stories about the Spruce Division during World War I, but it’s history that will soon be lost as we march ever more quickly toward replacing our forest products with those that are of  manmade materials.

Columbus Day Storm — A Game-Changer

Yes! Roy Nott had exactly the right idea and Steve Rogers is already working toward publication of  Mr. Nott’s treatise in the next Sou’wester.  Maybe in time for distribution at the Annual Meeting of the Pacific County Historical Society!  And how’s that for perpetuating the history of Pacific County!  Three Cheers for the History Forum, for Roy Nott, and for Sou’wester Editor-in-Chief Steve Rogers!

All I can say is, “More  More!”

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  1. Kim Abel

    Hi Sydney! Bob an I loved the history event and would love to get a copy of Mr. Nott’s history. Could you send me his email, please?

    Kim Abel


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