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Apr 7, 2020 | 4 comments

Kuzzin Kris just sent me a video suggesting a simple alternative for a medical face mask — using a lady’s thong.  It’s hysterical and made me wish that my underwear choices were a bit less traditional.  Especially since I’ve found myself at two (or ten) with masks made with ties rather than with elastic.  I think my head is the wrong shape.

When I went online to find an illustrative photo to use with this blog, I immediately came across a site that was titled something like “1000+ Photos of Underwear Masks!”  I opened it before thinking.  It wasn’t at all what I had in mind and I’m pretty sure I’ll now be on all sorts of sites showing unmentionables and worse.

Meanwhile, I’ve been trying to find out whether there is a plan in place for prescription drugs delivery to the old and infirm here at the north end of the Peninsula.  Apparently there is an effort being made by the Peninsula Pharmacies but, since we don’t have municipal police in our area to do the deliveries (as they do in Ilwaco and Long Beach), it’s a problem.  It seems the law allows for law enforcement officers to make such deliveries, but there aren’t allowances made for others such as EMTs.

I think I understand the reasons for such laws, but in the case of a national pandemic, you’d think an exception could be made.  I hope they figure it out soon.  I was in the Ocean Park Pharmacy yesterday and even though customers were respecting the six foot distancing and many were masked, it was distinctly uncomfortable feeling.  I definitely don’t want to go back.

But, of course, I will.  Nyel is doing remarkably well health-wise, largely due to his faithful regimen involving 20+ prescriptions.  All, of course, need refilling at different times and hardly a week goes by that I’m not in the pharmacy once or twice or more.  I’m sure there are many others more needy than we…





  1. Sally

    They told me they would mail. Thinking post office pick up might be a bit more comfortable.

    • sydney

      Yes, that would be better… but have you seen the Oysterville Post Office???  There is less than the required six feet of distancing space in the entire lobby and, even on a one-at-a-time entrance, it’s difficult.I think I’m looking for a solution that is “fair” in terms of what’s happening elsewhere on the Peninsula.  Because we are not incorporated at this end, we seem to be the unfortunate step-sisters when it comes to matters of this sort. Plus, my understanding is that the volume at the O.P. Pharmacy is higher than all the others.  Since the preponderance of residents are seniors and they have been identified as “most vulnerable, it seems that there should be a way to cut through the legalities during this crisis.  Meanwhile though, I do appreciate your information and will look into the mail possibilities further.                                           Sydney

  2. Lee Ellis

    Can you arrange for mail delivery? (some meds cannot be mailed – controlled substances.

    • sydney

      Thanks for the suggestion, Lee. I am looking into that possibility. It has some difficulties, too — we do not have home delivery in Oysterville and have to pick up our mail at the P.O. The lobby is very small — it’s a one-person-at-a-time situation during this six-feet-distancing time. But, if a mail arrangement can be made with our pharmacy, it would be a vast improvement. Fortunately, we have on controlled substance prescriptions and just one that needs refrigeration… I appreciate your weighing in. I hope you are doing well at your end. Sydney


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