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Mar 24, 2024 | 1 comment

I’ve blocked out the week to work on my upgraded (though actually much simplified) website so the Oysterville Daybook reports are likely to be slim-to-non-existent.  However, I do want to thank all of my readers who took the time to respond to my questions about your own desires, what would make accessing the Oysterville Daybook easier, etc.  I have conveyed your responses to my website guru who gave me a blanket “no problem” response.

I was especially pleased with the idea that several of you posed about having a “search button” on each blog so that you can go back and find what else I’ve written about a topic in the past.  I was delighted to get a “no problem” response to that suggestion, as well.  (And I must confess, I fear you will find that over the years, I’ve repeated myself many times on certain topics!)

Of those answering my plea for feedback, I found that about half of you access my Oysterville Daybook blog directly from the website and the rest of you find it on Facebook.  I don’t think any of you mentioned whether one way or the other is easier in terms of getting my feedback to your comments or questions.  I have the feeling that FB allows me to be more responsive but I’d like to hear from you so we can make the process easier if need be.

Again, thank you for your continued support.  And, while I’m at it, thanks to those of you who have contacted me about one or more of the Saints or Sinners stories running weekly in the paper.  I love hearing your feedback!  And, since my life will be rather closely focused during this next week (translation: not much exciting to blog about), this might be a good time to discuss some of those stories.    Sturges Dorrance has written me several notes about the Dorothy Elliott piece relative to his own summer camp experiences and those of his daughters.  Perhaps tomorrow I’ll start there.

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  1. David Williams

    I think Facebook notifies me when you post a new blog. That way I see it without having to track it down.


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