And not a buckshot to be found!

Dec 6, 2022 | 0 comments

Dinner On The Way!

My duck-hunting neighbor came by yesterday with three duck breasts ready for cooking!  “I know Nyel loved these,” he said, “but what about you?”

.  I told him I was, indeed, a fan of wild duck but since Nyel was the chef, I wasn’t so sure I could do them justice.  “Do you have a good recipe?” I asked.

“Yes.  It’s from your cousin, David Williams…” and he proceeded to tell me.  Heavy skillet, olive oil, sliced onions, breast meat sliced to one-eight of an inch or so and voilà!  The secret — lay the breasts on a plate in the freezer and bring them to “not quite” freezing so they’ll slice easily.  A sharp knife (which I don’t really have) helps, too.

I wonder if my mouth was watering right out loud!  “I got all the feathers and I think all the buckshot but… be careful,” he cautioned as he waved goodbye.

I felt a bit insecure about following the directions but, when all was said and done, I think Nyel would have been proud!  A tossed green salad, steamed rice, and duck breasts fit for a queen — with enough left over for another meal today.  Absolutely delicious!!!  And not a buckshot or a feather to be found!

…and leftovers for lunch!

And perhaps the best part of all was the connection I felt to my mother and grandmother and great-grandmother, all of whom, I’m sure, opened their front doors to the generosity of Oysterville duck hunters.


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