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Sep 6, 2017 | 0 comments

On The News — Screenshot

It’s all about smoke and fire here in Ashland – just as it is up and down western Oregon and Washington right now. As we waited outside the Thomas Theater a few minutes before yesterday’s matinee, news of the fire in the Gorge ricocheted from one person to another, never mind that many were masked and sitting in the midst of smoke and ashes, themselves.

When the attractive young woman with a mobile camera and microphone came up to us, we agreed to talk with her a bit for her evening report on KDRV Newswatch 12 out of Medford.  She was interviewing many folks and we were very surprised to find (this morning) that we were the only ones to make the cut!  I’m only sorry that our fifteen seconds of fame at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival had to be about air quality and theater closures!

Smoky Downtown Ashland

We thoroughly enjoyed “Henry IV Part I.”  Understudy Tyrone Wilson, a seasoned 22-year OSF actor, played Falstaff, brilliantly, we thought, and Daniel José Molina as Prince Hal was perfection, itself.  Happily, we get to see him again this afternoon in “Henry IV, Part II.”  Not so happily, “The Merry Wives of Windsor” scheduled for last night at the outdoor Elizabethan theater had to be cancelled, as was the Green Show in the newly designed “Green Show Courtyard.”

I’m not sure we would have attended the Green Show in any case – even had the air been pristine and pure and smoke-free instead of at a Hazardous level.  Green Shows just ‘ain’t what they used to be’ when they were, in fact, on the grassy courtyard in front of the theaters.  As of this season, there is an elaborate, concrete construction there – not only a stage with roof and built-in lighting fixtures, but huge, permanent bleachers as well.  There is only a smidge of grass left, no doubt so that the performances can still be called ‘green shows.’  There is absolutely NO resemblance to the quaint acoustical music and contra dance space of years ago when OSF was young… and so was I.

Green Show Courtyard Plan – Now A Reality

While I love coming here and meeting Charlie at this magical halfway point between his home and ours, this may be our last Ashland rendezvous.  It’s been a difficult trip for all of us and one thing we know about traveling – it doesn’t get easier with age.  And certainly not with the unpredictability of… everything. Who woulda thunk that the audiences, themselves, would be the ones wearing masks at the Festival in 2017?


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