And finally, on the 53rd Friday…

Mar 20, 2021 | 0 comments

The Mystery Beaver Ornament

For the past 52 Fridays here at our place in Oysterville, it’s been the same-old-same-old.  No friends over for a weekly gathering. No laughin’ ‘n’ scratchin’.  No drinkin’ ‘n’ carousin’.  No Show-and-Tell by Tucker or fancy appetizers by the Dorrances or off-the-wall observations by Fred.  It’s just been one more day of Sheltering here in the back of beyond.

Until last night — the first Friday under “The New Normal!”  We hope it is a trend-setter.  Ten of our nearest and dearest came bearing fabulous appetizers — deviled eggs with caviar topping! and miniature cream puffs with St. Patrick’s Day stuffing and other savories and sweets beyond tempting.  The bar was open for the first time since March 13, 2000, and there was non-stop enjoyment by all of us.  There wasn’t a moment of silence for dropping that proverbial pin.

Hooray for Friday Nighters!

Tucker’s show-and-tell was a mystery — a very heavy cast iron ornament — probably from the facade of a building in Portland.  A beautifully wrought beaver sat surrounded by a wreath with an arrow resting across its base.  Tucker wasn’t sure where it came from or why he even has it, but he has a plan for its immediate future.  “I think it would look great mounted on the wall above/behind our woodstove,” he said.

I didn’t see the  look on Carol’s face.  But… after 50 years of married bliss she has probably refined the “chastity of expression” skill to perfection.  Especially considering that she has been sharing that half-century with a collector of Tucker’s caliber!  We were all left wondering how he can possibly surpass this in the Friday nights to come!  And yet… we have no doubt that he will do so with his usual aplomb!


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