…and checking it twice?

Dec 13, 2015 | 0 comments

santaI don’t think Santa’s list has anything to do with ‘naughty or nice.’ Furthermore, I think he makes that list because he is old. And when you’re old, if you don’t have a list, all bets are off. In fact, you are lucky if you remember that you even made a list and where in the world you put it.

Mental lists don’t count as I seem to learn over and over. They are hopeless. Take the back cover copy for my book. When the editor asked for it last week, it was in the forefront of my mind. Who needed to write it down? My entire focus for the last few weeks has been to finish up Jailhouse Stories by my December 14th deadline. How could I possibly space a simple necessity like back cover copy?

IMG_0894I thought of it again this morning. I was drinking my second cup of coffee, going over my mental to-do list. Mostly, I was thinking about doing laundry, packing the car, last minute stocking-stuffers – all those count-down things that should be second nature at my tender age. And suddenly the book popped into mind.

It’s been the major item on my lists, my mind, my lips for weeks (and will be until it’s published and it’s too late to worry). No need to write any of that down. But, somehow, I had lulled myself into thinking I had only two things left to do: a quick read-through with the “hidden formatting” showing so I can see if I missed indexing anything important; another quick read-through in normal view to see if I screwed up the context with any last minute corrections. “Quick-read-through,” of course, is  an oxymoron when you’re talking 81 pages of 10-point type.

The burning question is, do I even have time to make the list, never mind checking it twice? And why is it pouring right now and filling up the drip pans on our window sill? Where are the elves? And sugarplums? Should I be looking for those for stocking stuffers? Ho, ho, ho, indeed!


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