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Jun 25, 2015 | 2 comments

In This Week's Paper

In This Week’s Paper

If you are a local and haven’t read this week’s paper (out yesterday) my advice is to get on it! It is choc-a-block full of interesting articles – one of the most ‘newsworthy’ issues of the Chinook Observer in some time. The front page alone is an attention-grabber. The stories are informational, controversial (or potentially so) and, deal with subjects near and dear to my heart.

Here are the headlines: “Wiegardt Brothers plead guilty to wastewater violations”; “The Chinooks’ new leader”; “Is domoic acid the fiend?”; Sea otter No. 3 washes up”; “Shutdown could close state parks”; and “Longrunning dispute with oysterman is in judge’s hands.” The ‘main characters’ in every single story (except for that sea otter) are people I know. The news doesn’t often get more relevant than that!

And it’s not just the front page stories that are grabbers. Wayne’s column “An Old Dog’s Tale” reflects on getting back home after his horrific experiences with colon cancer – his insights as to the important things of life as always give me much food for thought. And Cate’s “Coast Chronicles” with its 36-point headline “Who owns the rain?” was so right-on-the money that I had to stop reading and just ruminate for a while.

2009 - Still in the News

2009 – Still in the News

This weekend my own column is due for next week’s publication. I’m having some angst about it. I love it when the paper sucks me in like this week’s did and an hour or two goes by while I try to absorb it all – it’s like going right inside the neighbors’ houses and having a one-on-one visit, instead of just walking by along the road as usual. A column on the editorial page is not quite the same, but still… It would be nice if I, too, could write something relevant and be entertaining and informative at the same time.

Kudos to all this weeks’ Observer contributors. It’s a great issue – just what a hometown newspaper should be!


  1. Larry Murante

    Maybe this would make a great letter to the Editor?

  2. Sheri Stritof

    I do believe your columns are relevant and entertaining and informative all at the same time!


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