An Eye is An Eye is An Eye

Aug 7, 2013 | 0 comments

Paul Brent PhotoThis morning’s email brought photographs taken yesterday here in Oysterville. At our house!  Among them is an absolutely stunning image of one of the tiger lilies in our south garden.  It could be a painting.  And maybe it will be someday!

The picture was taken by Paul Brent, an artist of international repute.  (Google him.  If his name is not familiar, his images will be.)  Paul and his wife Lana Jane were here for lunch with friends from Boston.  We pigged out on steamers and all the accoutrements and then headed outside for a therapeutic walk around town.

 We began in our garden which apparently offers photo-ops despite it being “under stress” as neighbor Bradley recently pointed out.  We then walked the ‘Oysterville Loop,’ visited with ‘Cannery Dan’ after a stop at Oysterville Sea Farms, and then headed up to the Oysterville Store.  Since it was Tuesday, the store was closed so we peeked in the windows and checked out the post office.  Then we headed home, but our adventures weren’t yet over.

Paul and Sydney Replete

  As we neared home we heard piano music coming from the church so went in to have a listen.  The woman who was playing protested that she was “rusty” and another tourist sitting in the back offered to try his hand.  (Hands?)  He played something classical, then something from “The Music Man.”  He was still playing when we left and headed over to Bradley’s for a look at a garden-without-any-stress-whatsoever.

Bradley was in the driveway talking to Jayne of Bailey’s Bakery and Café.  She introduced us to her friend Candy who, it turned out, had known my friend Nancy and her parents since childhood as had I.  One of those small world things that happen almost regularly in Oysterville.

 Meanwhile, our luncheon guests were wandering through Bradley’s garden, oohing and aahing and taking photographs.  Come to think of it, maybe the photo of that tiger lily was taken in Bradley’s garden.  Damn!  And here I was feeling all smug that something in our garden caught the eye of Paul Brent.  Double Damn!


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